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How to store my dishes + how long do they last?Updated 10 months ago

All of our prepped meal pots are suitable for home freezing and can be cooked in the microwave directly from frozen. 

Our fresh products will arrive with a minimum of 3 days shelf life so if you are on one of our longer plans, please ensure that you freeze any pots and freezeable items appropriately and always before the use by date! (📢 all of our pots can be cooked in the microwave directly from frozen or defrosted in the fridge and cooked from chilled. Please see all packaging instructions for storage, freezing, and cooking instructions).

👉 Some of our meals are shipped frozen and may arrive partially defrosted, don't worry though our Prepped Pots are suitable for refreezing, and we have tested this at out UKAS accredited laboratory👈 


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