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Where are the spice ratings for your meals?Updated 10 months ago

Like a little bit of spice? Then you'll be glad to know we have a range of meals meeting different spice ratings just for you 🌶️ From hot to mild and everything in between, we've something to suit your tastes.

You can see the ratings on the photo of each meal on our menu; 0 chillies is not spicy, 1 chilli is mild, 2 chillies is medium and 3 is hot - but for an easy view here's a full list of our ready meals and their ratings:

🌶️🌶️ Chillies

  • Spicy Korean Chicken & Rice Pot
  • Curried Noodles & Meat Free Chicken Pot
  • Smoky Chipotle Chicken Pot

🌶️ Chilli

  • Levi Roots Sunshine Chicken Pot
  • Sweet Chilli Chicken & Rice Pot
  • Tikka Chicken & Rice Pot
  • Chicken Balti & Rice Pot

0 Chillies

  • Satay Chicken & Rice Pot
  • Butter Chicken Pot
  • Beef Ragu & Cherry Tomato Tagliatelle
  • Thai Curry Chicken & Rice Pot
  • Cod Soba Noodles
  • Sausages, Bean & Potato Pot
  • Chicken Fajita Rice Pot
  • Levi Roots Caribana Chicken Pot
  • Levi Roots Veggie Veggie Pot
  • Chicken & Chorizo Paella Pot
  • Special 'Not Fried' Rice
  • Meat Free Bean & Potato Pot
  • Falafel and Giant Cous Cous
  • Mushroom & Spinach Bolognese Pot
  • Naked Chicken Katsu
  • Black Bean Chicken & Rice Pot
  • Cajun Beef & Rice Pot
  • Spanish Brunch Pot

If you have any questions about any other products just give our Customer Support Team a shout and we'll be happy to help.

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